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Our clients include scientists from illustrious education institutions like Harvard University, University of London, UCLA, McGill and Stanford.


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Unleash the Power of Infographics

You are browsing the web for a set of statistics. You find two source materials:

one is an article written about the statistic,

and another is an infographic illustrating the numbers.

Which are you most likely to read?

Quite definitely the infographic. The internet nowadays is littered with content. Infographics, however, superbly manage to grab the attention of quickly distracted web users with visually appealing illustrations of complex issues.

Successful Projects

If you want your marketing campaign, educational venture, or any other project or publication to be successful, designing infographics is a good way to start.

Mind the Graph

is a highly-acclaimed platform that will allow you to make an infographic online.

Design Scientific Infographics

Mind the Graph is an infographic maker

that specializes in scientific infographics. We provide ready-to-work infographic layouts for designing visual illustrations that highly impact the target audience.

You can use the infographic tools we provide to create illustrations to complement scientific papers, articles, teaching material, or anything else. You can use the infographics to emphasize points and make your paper much more interesting.


Our infographic creator provides many benefits to scientific writers. Here is a list of some:

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Quickly design an infographic that results in high visual impact

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Eliminate time waste looking up pictures on the internet

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Update infographics with new information

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